Carly Holloway is a passionate and professional makeup artist based in the Atlanta area. Since she was a little girl, Carly has had an affinity for makeup and skincare, even begging to play with her Nana’s pressed powder and pink lipstick every time she would visit. Once she was old enough to wear makeup herself, she began experimenting and perfecting her skills, growing in knowledge and artistry daily.

After college, Carly spent the first several years of her career working with a dermatologist in order to better understand skin conditions such as acne, pigmentation, and sensitive skin allergies that could arise from certain products. In 2013, she began working as a freelance artist with Jennifer Nieman, a well-known and talented makeup artist and hairstylist. With Jen’s guidance, Carly has honed her skills and learned how to deliver an exceptional beauty experience to any client. She is able to tailor a makeup service that will suit the needs of her clients for any event. 

At the end of the day, making a woman feel as beautiful on the outside as she does on the inside is her passion. Carly specializes in bringing out and enhancing each woman's natural beauty. She believes that makeup, like the right outfit, can be a very powerful thing and can even change how a woman carries herself in the world.

When she isn’t cleaning her brushes or researching the latest products, you can find Carly enjoying time with friends at the park, going on a beautiful hike, snuggling with her cross-eyed kitty Yoshi, or spending time with family.